Kevin Shields, revealed.
This is old, but worth a look for you MBV fans. I learned a lot. Example: Born in America?!?


Hey, it's me again, a bit ashamed that the trickle of nonsense that made up the bulk of this MLN! phenom has dried up, it's the day job, man. Anyhow, a few things to get out there, just in the spirit of house cleaning... ITEM: Why is Amy Winehouse so friggin' polarizing among the muzo cogniesciti? I'm firmly in the sure secretaries love her but she's fuckin' awesome camp, but I keep getting flak from peers, fans and random folk that seems unjustified and unsubstantiated. Someone actually said that she has "no presence" the other night, which is just crazy talk. If you're gonna hate, at least hate acurrately, right? Besides, the record sounds like dynomite.

On another note, I had the pleasure of briefly shooting the shit with Nick Barat the other night, an editor/writer that often delivers the goods in an era in which lots of people get away with faking it. Two things about Nick: he's got much more of a sense of humor about hip-hop orthodoxies than you might expect and secondly we totally agreed about the level of mediocrity of a recent big name producer's record. Music writers never agree on anything. Weird.

In the cheap late adopter technology corner, here are a few tips for you on extending the life of the iPod. If your iPod suddenly says you have no songs and therefore no directory, hang in there, reset it a bunch of times, try pulling your songs off via iPod Access (it works even when iTunes says you're toast), then keep plugging it in to the computer. I was going into a third round of recovering files when suddenly iTunes decides everything is hunky dory. Video ipod, your services will not be needed, quite yet.

In other news, spring has hit Chicago and I like. Rooftop view of the sunset down North Avenue? Priceless.