{Rare} Nirvana live found!
In one of those rare moments where I actually scare myself with my accurate memory of things that should be forgotten, it took me about 12.8 seconds to find my missing Nirvana live tape, circa 1990 Chicago Metro. I wrote about it in the Chicago Reader back in 2002 or so, but I couldn't actually track it down until I remembered a box of cassettes stashed in my folk's basement. It was there, on top, with a live Jawbox set on the flip–no offense, but that's not quite as exciting. I'll digitize it soon, EQ it. Question is, what then? Post online? Send to Krist Novo?


john said...

Update: digitized the tape of 4/02/90 show tonight, not bad quality wise, not amazing either.

Jonforoli said...

Hello John!
Did you still have the tape digitized? He have two tapes of this show, but your tape can be much better than ours.
I'm part of a great site that chronicles the entire career of Nirvana.