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This is a sad, strange fucking story. Jeremy Blake was a bit of a superstar when I knew him back in high school–shit, I thought he was older then me, not a month younger. The guy was on track to becoming one of the notable artists of our generation. I'm getting a weird feeling thinking about NOU circle of characters and where they have ended up. No joking around, this is simply very sad and I'm not going to partake of the sensationalism that's continuing to cloud around the tragedy. More to the point, I feel a bit stupid being the last to know about these kind of things.


{Rare} Nirvana live found!
In one of those rare moments where I actually scare myself with my accurate memory of things that should be forgotten, it took me about 12.8 seconds to find my missing Nirvana live tape, circa 1990 Chicago Metro. I wrote about it in the Chicago Reader back in 2002 or so, but I couldn't actually track it down until I remembered a box of cassettes stashed in my folk's basement. It was there, on top, with a live Jawbox set on the flip–no offense, but that's not quite as exciting. I'll digitize it soon, EQ it. Question is, what then? Post online? Send to Krist Novo?


About time, 10 years worth, for some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. from the fourth estate, I should say.


I'm only at the computer tonight because I'm coming off my second cold of the season—the last one lasted a full week in early October—I seem to have a lot going on in my stuffy head and I've already spent way too much time with my butt on the couch. But at least one good thing has come out of being stuck inside all day, my desperate effort to clean out a backlog of unwatched DVD screeners has moved along nicely—I finally sat down with The Situation, which isn't a half-bad Iraq drama featuring Connie Nielsen and that red-haired dude from "Life," make it a rental. Richard Lester's Royal Flash has amazing scenery and costumes, but as a farcical romp it doesn't really have enough comedic moments to sustain it. He should have written a role for Keith Moon. In other news, I actually read a book that wasn't 6 months old, Unmarketable, but found it very disappointing. If anyone cares, I'd be happy to explain what I didn't like about it, but I'm too foggy right now for a full review. I'm in a non-fiction, documentary watching mode and that reminds me... I recently discovered the most incredible cable channel going, Link TV,
and I haven't really had a chance to spread the word. I watched something called Good Copy, Bad Copy tonight that was really good—it totally hipped me up to yet another Brazilian electronic music genre, Techno Brega (or something like that). Ugh, starting to fade again.... incomplete thoughts, typos....

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