Peter, Bjorn and John
Who else is hip to these Swedes? Just heard 'em. The "Young Folks" remix is ace.
You may have noticed...
a break in the blogging. It's been a busy month but also I'm supposed to be blogging at work, which really takes the fun out of blogging from home. That said, the Spike Lee Katrina "doc" running on HBO this week will make you sad, angry and nauseous all at once.


Lollapalooza as it really happened.
I actually had a great time and that wasn't entirely due to my mixing of Sophia Coppola's new champagne with Vitamin Water, but it definitely had something to do with it. I'm not a huge RHCP fan, but Frusciante is just awesome to watch, even from 30,000 people away. {my lousy photos will not upload for some reason... just picture Perry Farrell in a white suit with a pink shirt with the Chicago skyline behind him.}


The Power of Nightmares
I highly suggest you check out this BBC doc series (from 2004) if you are interested in the history of the Neo-Con and radical Islamist movements. The first episode of the doc traces the birth and rise to power of both Straussians and Islamic Brotherhood leading up to Afghanistan which found the Neo-Con and Jihadist revolutionaries teaming up against the Soviets. The big shocker for me was about the Team B, the NeoCon group which built up the myth of the Soviet threat in order to derail dentente. Also interesting is that the CIA and the NeoCons have been battling since the ’70s. A warning: this doc makes the pragmatist Kissinger look very very good compared to the nuts we have in power right now. I'm not sure if BBC AM is broadcasting this, if not, they should be.

You can screen the entire doc here:
Part 1


Time Out Beirut
Everyone I know who's read these letters has found them pretty affecting. I actually have the complete text but I'm not really cleared to publish it. My thoughts are with my colleagues Ramsay and Amir Ben-David.