Pitchfork, in brief
I had to split the scene a few times but I don't think I missed anything amazing. Word is that Spank Rock were killing everyone who hadn't heard them before, which doesn't surprise me. Os Mutantes videos I shot came out like abstract modernist paintings, must have something to do with the zoom button.


Pre-Pitchfork Party
I'm spinning some records downstairs.


What's the matter with North Dakota?

Nothing this weekend, really... crystal blue skies, waves of bright yellow canola and blue-lavendar flax. I met some really interesting people from different walks of life that are now connected to me. These nice folks had the displeasure of seeing me with a swollen mouth and I had the joy of coming home to a two-hour date with the dentist chair. Hopefully, I'll be back to normal someday.

On the way home, I borrowed What's the Matter with Kansas? (which I had bought my Dad for Christmas when it came out) and plowed through it like a 20-ton threshing machine running on high-test ethanol. It's a great airport book for travelling lapsed-leftists. It'll get your blood boiling, make you feel sorrow for the working religious right and also scare the crap out of you... in a good way. I know this falls into my book reviews of books that are easily available on the used shelf, but my stack of new books is just too intimidating. Tom Frank's book does a lot of repeating itself, but that keeps it focused. His periodic mentions of punk rock bands, the Embarassment and his chapter on his personal political journey via college at first irked me, but end up being quite memorable. He has great knowledge of his home state and for that alone, he holds attention. While we are on the topic, I guess there is a historically inspired indie music fest coming up in Lawrence. What's up with all these music fests?

In other news, my World Cup pool standings took some serious damage because I forgot to make my second round picks in time. How do I feel about the way things have gone? Remarkably good. France has been stunning in the last couple games. The talent-heavy Brazil never found its groove and neither did England really. Portugal seemed to have some heat, but it faded and they seem to play dirtier than anyone else. Italy began as a bit of an opportunistic, dare I say, lazy team, but really hit its stride later. I love the idea of Zidane winning the world cup in his last appearance. Right now, I'm pulling for France.