The depths of incompetence
The Donald Vance story is everywhere right now, but I must admit my jaw (quite literally) dropped at how stupid, unjust and just plain embarrassing it is for the military to arrest and detain a security office from Chicago who was actually an FBI informant on illegal weapons trading!


meet Pippin.
He weighs 2lbs, loves to climb sweatpants with people in them, enjoys bouncing, shiny orbs, chirping and face cuddling.

This old drum

Thanks to Kelly for inspiring this entry the other day during our staycation. I've been on a bit of a tear with getting some of my junk-shop drums back to playable if not quite Japanese hedge fund director/drum collector worthy condition. The big project, which was probably at least a 40 hour job, was recovering my 1969-70 Sonor Swinger kit. The kit was previously wrapped in some kind of diarrhea-stained grey discount wallpaper when I bought it from some Quebecois drum shop off eBay. It was cheap as hell, but I also bought a vintage Pearl kit the same month which arrived damaged which has resulted in a serious grudge against FedEx Ground and also a lot of emotional baggage connected with this otherwise, no-risk kit. So back to the drum thing. They look amazing now (see lousy cellphone pic above) and I would definitely recommend the project for anyone with some evenings they want to kill and an ugly drum kit. I ordered my drum wrap from Jammin Sam. Getting some decent drum wrap on your kit is also protective and older kits, however high quality they might be, are a bit fragile in many ways. There, there, you are getting very sleepy, yes?

PS, I have yet to actually play it since putting the finishing touches on it, so that will be the subject for another scintillating blog.

PSS, Found out during the process that while these German drums are roughly standard sized, the original hardware is actually metric. If you have got a line on metric sized thumbscrews, get a hold of me. Seriously.


Top records of 2006, a work in progress

Top ten lists are a pain in the arse, but god, are they fun to read and sometimes I get paid for them.

Still shuffling this around... comments, suggestions? Hated the Rapture and Jenny Lewis at first, but ended up loving them, but they still didn't make the cut. Cat Power didn't make it, not sure why.

1. Goldfrapp, Supernature (Mute)
2. Lindstrøm, It’s a Feedelity Affair (Smalltown Supersound)
3. LCD Soundsystem, 45:33: Nike + Original Run, (Nike)
4. The Ark, State of the Ark (Rebel Group)
5. Scritti Politti, White Bread, Black Beer (Nonesuch)
6. The Kooks, Inside In/Inside Out, (Astralwerks)
7. Love is All, Nine Times the Same Song (What’s Your Rupture?)
8. Vitalic, OK Cowboy, (Uncivilized World)
9. CSS, Cansei Der Sexy (Sub Pop)
10. Spank Rock, Yoyoyoyoyo (Big Dada)


1. Young People, Peter, Bjorn and John
2. Pop the Glock, Uffie
3. 45:33: Nike + Original Run LCD Soundsystem
4. SexyBack, Justin Timberlake
5. Daydreamin’, Lupe Fiasco
6. Waters of Nazareth, Justice
7. Anything by the Chromatics
8. Easy Love, MSTRKRFT
9. Magick (Simian Mobile Disco Mix), Klaxons


1. Cerrone, Cerrone 3, Recall
2. Thee Midnighters, In Thee Midnite Hour!!!! (Norton?)
3. Bee Gees, The Studio Albums 1967-1968 (Reprise)
4. The Byrds, There is a Season

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