Do y'all know about this already?


Miami action
I'm just back from Miami. You can read all about it, here.


The time of the season...
Putting aside the fact that I'm taking some mild prescription painkillers to deal with my torturous teeth situation (soon to be resolved), its been a really interesting couple of days. Its the first time, in a long time, when I've felt the Chicago social vibe has been so pleasant, in that I've gone out to a few events (the Stop Smiling anniversary party) and come home early having seen many more friendly faces that I was expecting to encounter. There's also something really strange (but not good) in the air, in that I know about four or five couples recently split or on the verge of splitting. Also, there's something about constant pain, or a minor crisis that you can only manage not really escape that puts a lot of things in perspective. Argh, here it comes again.

Listening Station:

Soledad Brothers
The Hardest Walk (Alive)
A lot of the Ohio garage stuff is vastly overrated but the SB joint that drops this month is excellent. They come to Chicago March 16.

I just got new music from Dem Franchise Boyz and a stack of Eurasian traditional music with DVDs. I've got the Big Apple Rappin' comp and the Masekela singles comp to dig into but I'm saving my VHS copy of Wonderwall for my op recovery day. Though I considered blowing 30 bucks on the Brigitte Bardot DVD, tripping with Jane Birkin will have to do. For now.

Also, there's been some chatter on the net about the Chisel rarities project and trust me, it is coming along, but very slowly. Some significant material has been put in the post to me but yet to arrive. Then there's mixing, selection, mastering, sequencing and security council approval to happen yet, so maybe 2007?

Also on the release front, the Perfect Panther CD should be out in a month or two. We're wrangling with the artwork issue right now and some DC/NY/Bmore gigs are in the works.

Oh and this is from a protest outside the Homeland Security building in Chicago. My pics of Cabrini Green getting the wrecking ball treatment this past week didn't come out. Something about the fact I was driving when I took them, I suppose.


The Agony
My wisdom teeth have picked this week to cause me constant, unbearable pain making the writing of sentences almost impossible. It's pretty awful. In the meantime, I've been watching the Nick Sylvester situation unfold with some interest. Also, I gotta give props to Simon Reynolds for hitting me back almost immediately about my review of Rip It Up and Start Again. Go buy it, seriously.