Spin finally sold
Considerably less than $5 million?
Can you date this Fugazi show?
I wanna say... Wilson Center or All Souls Church, 1989! I remember the dude in the Gorilla Biscuits shirt... or I want to.

What's Norske for S C O R E ?
Last weekend, I was led by some unseen force to a pretty crappy estate sale in the northwest suburbs. It was semi-cleaned out and just basically dingy, sad and almost the kind of place you walk in and walk right out of. There was, however, a little plastic electric piano (busted of course), lots of LPs in good shape (mostly lounge) and an entire set of vintage couches and loveseat (polynesiany tiki bar style). But I became taken with a painting hanging in the basement, clashing badly with the wood paneling, and on the suggestion of my life partner, went for it and made an offer. So I end up somehow squeaking the painting in the Golf and heading out into the vortex of Ikea and outlet shopping. Turns out the painting from 67 or so, of Norwegian origin and was originally sold to a notable Norwegian architect. Now, I'm not Norwegian, but I seem to be getting pulled towards Norway and modernist (even futurist) Norway in particular. I buy a piece of original art about every 6 years, but so far my track record is really good.

In other news, this blog is doing pretty big numbers on Fridays, which is quite ironic considering I usually work a long Friday, as I did today discounting an afternoon siesta. Siesta and a temperature of 7˚ don't really jive I know.

Also, I really wanted to see a rock band at a house party tonight, but after eating and contemplating the absence of mercury moving conditions I thought it better to retire early after taking in some sleep-inducing bobsled racing.


Not exactly Robert Frank, but you get the idea...


Remembering Sly
I broke into my house, kinda says it all.


Country Ass
We've got this thing at work about "country ass" this and that. We picked up the term country ass from some music message board but believe me we've made it our own. The total opposite of country ass is the band Owls and Crows. They've got MP3s, they play all the time and they rock me in a pleasing manner. I've spent the last hour downloading DC hardcore 7"s and listening to the Fall singles collection. My hate has an appetite of its own. I don't want to name names, but I'm kind of confused as to how a band that sounds like Smog singing for Spacemen 3 made someone's top ten of the year. Maybe in like '98, but come on...


Pazzin' and joppin'
The poll is up. There are some "essays" too, but I don't know that I will be reading them.