Norway way
I'm going to Norway. Repeat. I'm going to Norway, the oil capitol of Norway.
Totally weird ad music
This Chicago area car dealership is using the Civ song "Can't Wait One Minute More" for their "summer sales drive." Ummm, how the hell did that happen?


You complete me
After two weeks of working extra hard, I think things are cooling off, or at least for the last few hours I've decided that they are. I'm going to be putting together a new personal/professional website really soon and need your help. If you can fill in the blanks on the discography below, I'd appreciate it. Obviously, the last five years have been a bit sparse on the official releases, so don't interpret this as somehow boastful as I don't see it that way at all. I got to thinking about my cassette-only releases after coming across this interview with lo-fi pop star Colin Clary. I also started thinking about the shrinking discography versus increasing quality control paradigm.



Indian Summer 5-song tape, 1988, drums
Teenage Dope Slaves Kill Gerard Cosloy, vocals, guitar 1991 (Rokkhouse Records)
Trendinista 5000, s/t vocals, guitar, drums 1993 (Sudden Shame)
Big Rig (unreleased) drums 1991

Edsel Detroit Folly (Grass Records, 1994) Drums, background Vocals
Chisel Nothing New (Gern Blandsten, 1995) Drums
Chisel 8 A.M. All Day (Gern Blandsten, 1996) Organ, Piano, Drums, Vocals (bckgr)
Trampoline I Want One of Everybody (Spinart, 1996) drums on one song
Chisel Set You Free (Gern Blandsten 033, 1997) Drums, Vocals (bckgr), Performer
Mark Borthwick/Holland Voices (Darla-US) drums on three songs
hollAnd Your Orgasm (1997) sampled drums
Treiops Treyfid Reach the Explosion (1998) Drums on two songs
The Beans Young Love Gone Terribly Wrong (2001) drums on four songs

Chisel Swamp Fox/Spike, Listen 7-inch (assembly records, 1991), drums
Edsel “Switch the Codes” 7” single (Grass Records), drums
Edsel “no. 5 Recitative” 7” single (jade Tree Records) drums
Piper Cub “Chance/No. 1 Sound” 7” single, (Sub Pop Records, 1994) Drums
Chisel “The O.T.S.” (Darla Records, 1994) drums
Chisel “It’s Alright, You’re OK” 7” single (GernBlandsten 031, 1996,)
Colour Expedition 7” EP, HMF005 (Her Magic Field Sweden, 1999), drums
John Dugan “D!1” CD-EP (Her Magic Field, Stockholm, Sweden, 2000) drums, guitar, vocals, bass, Fender Rhodes

Sounds of Kaleidoscope, Manayunk Sessions, 1999 drums
Plush, demos 2002, drums, bass (unreleased)
Palisades, s/t CDR 2002-2003 drums, mixing, production (Limited Edition silkscreen sleeves)
Perfect Panther, “Soma Sessions” 6 song CD-R, 2003
Sean Diamond (has a new name) “Belltower Falls” 3 Song CD-R, 2003 (drums, mixing)

Various Artists/COMPILATIONS
Indian Summer, D.C. Metro Mayhem, “Time for You,” 1988 drums
Chisel 'Swamp Fox/Spike' on jericho sessions WVFI compilation cd April 1991
Chisel “Dream Bar”, Incubus compilation 1993
Rollercoaster “Stumble” Teen Smash Hits for Students (Level Records)
Edsel “You Got Lucky” You Got Lucky, a tribute to Tomp Petty (1994, Backyard Records)
Chisel “Nothing New” Dog So Large I cannot see past it, a wprb compilation, 1995
Chisel "Chiefs" on Storm of the Century compilation CD (Sudden Shame) February 1997
Chisel 'Out for Kicks' on compilation Level Records “Squirrel” seven-inch
(Level Records, Washington, DC) September1995
Edsel “Strip the Codes” Echoes of the Nation’s Capitol compilation
Chisel “Six Different Ways” Give Me the Cure compilation Radiopaque records
Chisel “Guns of Meridian Hill”, FortReno Benefit compilation, Resin Records
Chisel “The O.T.S.” Darla multi-CD compilation 2002
Edsel “no. 5 Recitative” Various Artists Jade Tree: First Five Years (Jade Tree, 2000) Drums
Aquatix “Now Boarding” on some guy's DVD for short film (2004)
Chisel "spectacles" in credits for Songs for Cassevetes documentary
Sounds of Kaleidoscope “There You Go” on Galactic Zoo Dossier #6 CD-2 (Drag City) 2005

Graphic Design/Illustration

Chisel “Spike” 7-inch (Assembly Records) 1991 design
Edsel “Switch the Codes” 7” single (Grass Records), illustration
Chisel Nothing New (1995) Photography
Chisel 8 A.M. All Day (1996) Design, Illustrations
Chisel Set You Free (1997) Design
Make-Up various singles, graphic production
Make-Up I Want Some 2xLP/CD (K Records 1999) Graphic Design
The Saturday People 7” sleeve design (Brittle Stars 005, 1998)
The Boom Any Day of the Night (Slowdime Records, 1998) {printed with a typo on this one, ouch}
Faraquet debut 7”
Make-Up/Cranium 7” single (Slowdime Records, 1998)
The Make-Up Blue Is Beautiful VHS movie (Dischord Records, 1998) design
Telegraph Melts Ilium (1999) sleeve Design, typography
The Castaway Stones leave no stone unturned 7” 1998 design
The Castaway Stones Make Love to You CD 1998 Design {some say my best work}
John Dugan “D!1” CD-EP (Her Magic Field, 2000) Sweden, design, photography
Colour Expedition 7” EP, HMF005 (Her Magic Field 1999) Sweden, design/illustration
One Bright and Sunny Morning compilation CD (ICE Recordings, 2005) Chicago, production/design

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