I'm sensitive about overstating one's connection to a tragedy. But I did know two of the Chicago musicians that were killed last week. Michael from Silkworm was a classy, friendly guy, not to mention a talented drummer. He will be missed.

Update: There have been some new stories on the woman who committed this crime. I'll leave it to you to find them.


Dungen live
The guys in Dungen are alarming self-aware, articulate and confident. They're also funny, and had a great time playing word games with words that they didn't know the subtle meanings of right away. Anxious was one of the words, suggestive was another. They're not boastful, they're not rude, they're not banking on some association with a scene or politics, and they're not even really that retro. The main guy is more likely to talk about his favorite hip-hop and ambient techno tracks than his favorite psych records, eh. They also sound amazing in a club setting. They sounded much fuller than they did n the park setting of Intonation. The guitar, in particular, had the crackling, searing Strat through a Marshall sound that I had forgotten about. The thing that will make rock and roll boys lie awake at night and cry is that the singer/songwriter who recorded their entire album himself has only been playing rock since 1998. He plays all instruments better than you. Having seen the band twice, I can safely say, new American psych rock has a long long way to go to catch up with these guys. Friends (and I mean my actual friends who play psych rock), get busy or get into something else. Awed.

Addendum: The posters for the show were amazing. If anyone has one that they can give me. I'll buy you beer.


Back and better than...
Whoah, it has been a while, but again, I have other things going on and sometimes I think blogs are pathetic. Lately, I've been tied up with moving, rehearsing and working a day job. Also, I must confess, I have not had internet access at home for weeks. Talk about a blessing in disguise. It's been a real incentive to get some other things done, such as unpacking.

Intonation Festival
Briefly. A very good time, good people, decent line-ups and free for me. Also, bikability enhanced the whole weekend as in bike down to the festival, then bike back up to sister-in-laws and eat leftovers. Bike down to fest, bike home and go to band rehearsal then come home and watch movies.

I've gone from expensive digital cable to almost free satellite dish action but still have Sundance and IFC. Hurrah.

Politics... save it for another day. So much to talk about.

I'm interviewing Dungen today. Anyone have any suggested questions?