Crazy Vibes
Today I stayed home and interviewed a certain producer/recording artist that I am currently really into and had that incredibly weird... wow we are on the same wavelength completely type feeling that you just don't get too often. I didn't even prep for the interview much the way I usually do. Kinda freaky. I'm now planning to do a side project for the sole purpose of recording with this person. The other thing I've realized I gotta do, is get back in the booking shows game. Fact is I know a lot of people and I want to play with my friends bands in other towns and here. But I've been avoiding the hassle and responsibility of booking shows because it is often a major pain in the ass and I've been in the position of trying to pull off tours of bands that weren't in a position to make any money touring before and not liked it, though i liked the actual touring. hmmm anyway... I've got some live recordings of Perfect Panther edited down that I will probably throw up online as MP3s but I'm kinda running out of juice at this moment so it will have to wait. I think live recordings are really under-rated, but then again my lady hates them so they're not for everyone. It got cold, real cold again here in Chicago, and I had little interest in leaving the HQ, so I did some CD burning and cable watching, NPR listening, dish washing. I have the urge to play guitar right now, but its a bit late for that, and the practice amp is somewhere deep in the monster closet.


More Self-Promotion
The Perfect Panther gig at the Fireside was our strongest yet, I can't wait to track the new songs and get a proper album together. More news on that soon. Perfectpanther.com is finally underway.
Also, Human Torch and I basically dominate the new issue of TOC, so read what you can online, even the stuff we didn't write in the feature section, its all good. I've got some reviews in my section this week. And you can read more of the feature stuff online now, which is convenient but it doesn't look as pretty and it still just skims the surface.


The Staircase
I'm 2 chapters into the best documentary on TV right now, The Staircase on Sundance. I'm slightly perturbed that it's a French production. Those French love to tell us how unjust our legal system is. Ooops, it's back on, gotta go.


Drying Out
after two nights of boozing, one with a bunch of culture critics (both the bitter and ebullient type) and neighborhood party people and another at a wig party at an immaculate Pottery Barn catalog-worthy Boystown apartment. A bunch of music writers behind the DJ booth makes for a fairly lousy night of dancing but a pretty great stage for conversation, catching up on things and watching people hit on each other. Friday night, I really felt like I was at home in Chicago, way more familiar faces than strangers. In other news, it sounds like the women in hip-hop conference was a real winner. A good thing for sure, but also kind of like a "jews in nazism" conference or something... well not quite, but you dig.


Listening Station
Love's a Real Thing (Luaka Bop)
Buzzin' Fly Volume Two (Astralwerks)
Gilles Peterson in Africa (Ether Music)
Optimo Kill the DJ Volume 2 (Tigersushi/Kill the DJ)
Le Beat Bespoke (Sanctuary UK)

lots of crazy world music that I can't recall, but will add later!


Blatant Self-Promotion
I'm not that interested in your personal life as you can probably tell. But I have no hesitation about promoting music type projects that I am involved in. I hope you don't mind. For one, I did the graphic production on the "One Bright Sunny Morning" compilation CD just out now through Southern. I think the kids in the design department at work were impressed by that, but I can't tell. SAIC and Columbia art kids develop this hard-to-read, cool scanning look, so that even when they are smiling and being friendly, they've still got attitude. In fact, lots of young folk here have the tude cranked up past the point of being appropriate. It's a midwestern thing. Nobody has told them that the real world doesn't give a fuck. Also, back to the music thing, The Tax is now on Myspace with some songs for you to audition.
Do you want (to read) my leftovers?
I've got a stockpile of interviews, some of them unpublished, some just excerpted that I was thinking of putting online. These are basically transcriptions of chats with musicians used in articles I've written. Here are some of the candidates: Dave Allen of Gang of Four, Jon Taylor of Duran Duran, Paul Weller, Carlos of the Libertines, The Tindersticks, Matthew Dear, Platinum Pied Pipers. Let me know which, if any, you want me to post.


I'm alive. So is that Buckethead on stage?
Yeah, so I've been busy as hell with work but also with more social activity, perhaps because the new season is showing signs that it would like to, y'know, spring upon us. Does that make people more social? I've been lucky to see some truly excellent shows recently... Orchestra Baobab, the Slint reunion (great despite the absence of any stage presence whatsoever) and the Tabla Beat Science show last night. The last show was kind of a surprise as I didn't know much about TBS except that Bill Laswell was involved. It turns out, two of Laswell's bands played last night. The first was ABYSSINIA INFINITE (though I didn't know that at the time) featuring GiGi included Pharoah Sanders, Laswell, and Hamid Drake on the drums. I guessed that it was GiGi and I was right. The second band was TBS had the tabla and sarangi players who were phenomenal and various players I couldn't identify with Laswell but I would assume they're the same folks on the albums. The weirdest aspect of the whole show was the occasional presence of Laswell co-hort Buckethead, the guitar player who briefly joined Guns 'n' Roses, who comes out and freaks some totally bizarre riffs and hammer-ons off his Les Paul while wearing a weird white mask, not the KFC bucket that he is known for sporting. At first I thought it was the guy who quit Limp Bizkit and everytime the lady singer introduced him I thought she was speaking another language and saying "booheethad" or something like thank you, thank you. Anyway, the whole Buckethead schtick is kinda weird. I guess he makes records with Bootsie but still. In other news, I deejayed again and had a blast, got to see the Bridge Club play and they were rad. It's just been hyperactive get busy month this March has and shows no signs of letting up.