Sin and Sonics

Man, I came down with some nasty cold that sidelined me completely today, but I'm doing better now. I busted out the Synsonics drums and wailed away wondering if anyone has done an SK-1 Synsonics duo successfully on the '80s electro circuit. My appetite returned in time for me to dine on some home-made eggplant curry with toasted almonds, three great tastes. I've been downloading favela and wondering why I enjoy hip-hop much more in languages that I don't understand.


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Coming back to Chicago is hard to do...
when you've been living it up in the Riviera Maya. They must call it the Riviera Maya in Milan too, because I swear to god, Playa Del Carmen is basically an Italian colony at this point. I was there a few years ago and found it quaint and now it's ridiculously chic, kinda touristy but in a Euro way. Just shield your eyes from the Senor Frogs outpost and it's pretty heavenly down there.

Various things I did on my trip.
Went on an ecotour and snorkeled in cenotes, underground pools that are considered sacred by Mayans. You can't wear sunscreen or insect repellent because the cenotes are wells for the trad Mayan families.
Bought white Italian sunglasses.
Got married at sunset on the beach.
Bought amber Italian sunglasses.
Ate some insanely good Argentine food at Tango Taco.
Saw my parents dancing to Daft Punk.
Snorkeled at In-Na, a reef near park called Xcaret.
Had perhaps the worst Argentine food ever at some other place.
Saw Mayan ruins by the side the road in many places with no sign or fence around them. You could basically sit down and drink a beer on Mayan ruins and no one would notice.
Met a DJ from Manchester/Ibiza that had never heard of Northern Soul.
Learned some Spanish by watching the subtitles on Austin Powers, Bands Reunited and a movie about the Marquis De Sade.
Drank lots of pina coladas, Pacificos and Sols, just a few Margaritas.
Went to a bar called Ohm that's as big as my closet.
Saw two six-foot long baracuda while snorkelling with my friends and my brother on Isla Mujeres.
Almost bought a beaded belt that I could never wear in a boring fashion town like Chicago.
Read more DJ history than Mayan history.
Used the internet but twice in two weeks.
Drank fresh squeezed orange juice whenever possible, maybe like six times.