I'm working more than I have in many years and really enjoying it. I'm also leaving for Mexico for a little over a week. The Tax did some recording with Iceman engineering and the sounds he got are just incredible, especially considering only three tracks were used. In the meantime, there have been some mild bummers, finding out some special guests won't be joining us for the sun and fun. I have a really hectic 24 hours ahead of me and then about ten days of decadence. See you on the beach.


Tired Eyes
So Bright Eyes are the indie megahit of the season and without a really strong opinion on the band I stayed up to watch Conor and the gang play on the telly the other night, finished reading a novel in the process and came back in the room just in time to see the performance... what a letdown, really weak tune, generic vibe, smashed guitar, smashed trumpet... I said smashed TRUMPET... quite embarassing. I think I have some of the older records around, will have to see if they do anything for me. Otherwise, call me totally unimpressed.


Montreal Rocks?
I'm not totally buying this, but I'm curious to see for myself. My man David Carr has an article in the NYT about Montreal's hot rock scene.


Feelings Not Hurt
And thanks for the unsolicited negative review of my last audio posting and I mean that. It was kind of meant as kind a gag, as I'm not an experienced "electronic musician," nor do I have any plans to be the next Diplo or Mylo or Yoyo. But you don't know that and I suppose you gotta let the frustration out somewhere. Reminds me of the dude cruising with his girl that almost ran me over today when he didn't really stop at the stop sign on Division Street. I casually pointed at the stop sign, kept walking and the guy totally flipped out, screaming all kinds of shit. I had my headphones in and just kept walking and thinking... why is he screaming at me? Shouldn't I be screaming at him? On the cool end of things, I was at this breakdance event last night that is just as friendly to novice dorks as really seasoned breakers. I guess if you are willing to try to windmill in public, you might as well do it in front of dudes who can give you pointers or move out of the way when you wreck in their direction.
I just screened "Dig!" back here at the compound and it's something else. I didn't think I would ever describe a rockumentary as engrossing, but damn, it is just that. You can't really move until the credits run. I'm actually a casual fan of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, even though I probably missed half of their two-hour set when a group I'm in opened for them last year. My advice is to rent the doc when it drops, though I'm actually tempted to buy the real thing for the extras and whatnot. I'm looking for my copy of "Strung Out in Heaven" right now. The BJTM website actually has tons of MP3s which might excite you.