Mayan Jamz
I think I need to be deprogrammed or something. With a whole Saturday with which to do whatever I wanted, I ended up spending roughly 8 hours on the computer working on various things. What's most troubling is that I really enjoyed it. I've got two graphic projects underway, one being a t-shirt design, and the other a CD packaging project and if that's not enough, tonight, I busted out the MIDI keyboard, fired up Reason/Cubase and laid down some jams that are suprisingly listenable. During a furious mixdown session, I hit the wall, ran out of energy just as the program was locking up. This is a rough first take.


Listening Station
Radio Mestiza is blowing my mind right now. Just pop into your itunes or go to radiomestiza.com


So much going on right now that I probably should pre-blogging in a notebook then culling the best-of for actual publication but no such quality control system exists here. Yet. Perhaps it was inevitable but I just learned that some close friends are going to be the subject of a reality show for CNN filmed here in Chicago. They start shooting tomorrow and the whole project promises to raise the drama level of the neighborhood for a couple weeks. I suppose I can file this alongside the meta-experiences of having a documentary made about someone you know much too well, having former associates and roomies appear in cable reality shows about Hollywood actresses fronting touring rock bands and the now commonplace... watching as my highschool hometown heroes have settled into careers as soundtrack creators and music advisors for indie films. Nathan Larson, formerly of Shudder to Think, whom I idolized for a time in my youth and opened for a couple times, did the soundtrack to the recently released film "The Woodsman" which I screened at home on Saturday (no I'm not an Academy voter but I am a "critic" in the eyes of some). It's a good film, Mos Def's small part is well executed and the music fairly interesting.

I've been eating lots of weird stuff the last couple days, I drank tons of beer Friday night at the photo-shoot and I'm feeling kinda gross in general. My plan is wake up really early and swim tomorrow. Wish me luck.

But praise the Gods, "Return of the King" was just starting when I flopped down on the couch tonight. I've been reading a bit about the Mayan culture and digging it and somehow (don't ask me how) that enriched the experience.


Best Laid Plans
I had no juice to go to a dinner party tonight, thanks for the invite, so I figured early night in, early to bed, get up early and breakfast at one of the nearby cafes, New York Times, coffee, start the week right.

The reality? Misha writhing in pain at 11pm. 2 hours at the Emergency Vet and things might be okay, but sleep has already been lost and what's more... cat needs to be transferred from one vet to another at 7am. Consolation: kitchen stocked with veggie meats, Red Stripe, Belgian butter almond thins, etc. for post-traumatic snacking.


The Perils of MP3 Blogging
I'm not an MP3 blogger myself, as I have only posted unpublished music that I have personal permission from the copyright controllers to distribute. But I have been a frequent visitor to some of the MP3 blogs linked to from this page. One of those blogs, Moistworks, which is run by graphic ace, go-go fan, and ol' DeeCee via Oz buddy O.B. just got hit with a letter from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). Can Suburbs and the others expect the same kind of letters? Thoughts? Are MP3 blogs about to become obsolete? I hope Moist finds a new home as O.B. always has fresh tracks and lots of hip-hop love to spread around. Representing Northwest.

Injury Report
A friendly game of indoor soccer left me with a bruised, cut eyelid, a big green bruise on my left bicept and general all-over body soreness. Some other folks ended up with strained backs, sprained ankles, etc. Most of my injuries were a result of contact with a guy that I can only remember as "the meatball." A stocky, hirsute gentleman, he whined about every foul called on him even as he decked people and slammed them into the boards at every turn. Being somewhat of a heavier fella, he had no legs in the second half. My greatest pleasure was watching him go down hard in the corner with barely a touch from my outstretched leg.

On the upside, my gig with a half borrowed drum kit in a supremely divey Cal's bar last night was one of my favorites in recent months. Pre-gig naps are the key. Also, when 3/4s of your band are swinging singles and the crowd consists almost entirely of 11 single women some of them flight attendants and the others stylish Asians, the guys really turn on the rock juice. Let it flow boys, let it flow.


Get Reel
Alright you Pro Tools using bastards, you've really done it now. The WSJ ran a story yesterday about Quantegy filing Chapter 11. Quantegy is the only company that makes magnetic tape of quality for recording studios and for NASA. And right now, new tape is pretty much vanishing. Wilco and other bands that record to tape are totally screwed. Steve Albini, being wiser than anyone that does what he does really, stockpiled tape and dudes like Walter Sears bought up everything they could get their hands on. I'm not sure where that leaves me. I use 1/4" tape not 2" tape and I have yet to look around for it online. I usually buy my tape down in Bridgeport at a camera shop that Liam from Plush turned me on to. I may have to call them and do my own stockpiling thing.


Dude, Where's My?
I'm stalking around my place like some crazed old shut-in looking for my headphones. The wee little white ones. At 1am last night I was using them but as of 9am as I walked down the street to the CTA in a fog, they had vanished, never made it to my parka pocket. I searched the sidewalk, the office, the stairwell. Unless the cat has stowed the phones somewhere with his prized chunks of dead bird, bug carcasses and string collection, I have no explanation for the vanishing. But hey, it took me 10 minutes to find the pepper jack cheese in the fridge these evening. During my phones search, I discovered a five-year-old contract with a music publication (that still owes me money) folded up in my couch. I also realized that eating a light lunch, while working 9 hours and then gourging on Newman's-Os produces a mind-altering effect similiar to snorting a short line of fine Columbian. My sensitivity to stimulants, including chocolate, is now well documented.

In other news, having a new, much more challenging day job is pretty rad.

Listening Station
Richie Hawtin "DE9: Closer to the Edit" (Novamute)
Mylo "Drop the Pressure"

(20 minutes later)
Jesus, I found the headphones, they were kind of stuck under the door to my home office and silently sliding back and forth under the door and therefore almost invisible to any crazy person running around the apartment. I don't want to speculate on the extent of feline involvement, suffice to say that I have one furry grey one with a natural foods obsession on my "watch list." I'm not the only one having an off-kilter day. The hapless apartment handyman seems to have busted the window in the landing right outside my place. That's why it is freezing on my couch.


Live photos of The Tax, official live debut at The Modernist Society on 12/30/2004.


Feeling it?
Man, this is what they mean by "new year" eh? I've got three new things of note: an iPod, a new job, and a lousy cold. I've almost shaken the third (I'm doing the Zicam thing) and I'm hooking up the first, starting the second tomorrow.


Another Day, Another List
My top ten again at LiveDaily, I get paid for this, remember?

I'm going to have to dig up that Green Day disc everyone seems to like. The only other Green Day record I have is their first single! Man, I'm an old dude.