It was hot and then suddenly not
A few days of indulgence... decadent sun, surf and gourging broke up this very stressful month very nicely. With another holiday travel week approaching (yo' DC), my workload suddenly goes from managable insanity to total friggin insanity. I've found that beginning the day with a triple latte from Intelligentsia in the Monadnock building makes the day speed along faster, things get written and suddenly I'm free to go. Still, the contrast between laying on the beach all day and devouring a Big Star biography with a $1.50 Dos Equis lager at my side and being strapped to the eMac for 11 hours trying to transcribe interviews with German DJs done via cell phones has kind of made me crazy. It might my post Playa, winter hibernating instinct, but suddenly building fires, wearing thick wool sweaters, snacking on the couch watching Orson Welles obscurities before retiring early sounds like the ticket, though I suppose I only did that once this week. Either that or just getting home early. Sleep is nice.

Oh and Rob Jovanic's book Big Star : The Short Life, Painful Death, and Unexpected Resurrection of the Kings of Power Pop is just fine, very straightforward with just enough romance and a healthy dose of the tragic to keep a Big Star fan enraptured. It gives the other members of the band a lot of attention. It's difficult to read it and not come out the other side more sympathetic to Chris Bell who didn't have much of a second chance and a bit more frustrated with Alex Chilton, who's had dozens of them.

Had a drink on the rooftop bar at this place Basico in Playa Del Carmen and was simply in awe of the whole design vibe.


Perfect Podcasted
I don't know how I feel about this, but mostly I'm cool with it. Is all podcasting good podcasting? Perfect Panther has been podcasted by the anthem.


NPR archive action
In case you missed it or you are my Mom, check out the 848 segment I did with Steve Edwards. Go to Eight Forty-Eight—October 18, 2005 and hit the headphones. They spelled my name wrong, but I totally forgot Steve's name while we were taping so all's fair.