The Corporation
This is a good rabble-rousing, intelligent though not overly complicated, easy to watch, clearly presented... (almost there) documentary. Good enough that I bought it (used for $10) rather than pay the late fee and finish it after 10pm ($2.50). There's a 2nd DVD that could possibly put me over the edge. My only complaint: Michael Moore, who's worldview is about as sophisticated as mine was at age 21, which explains a lot of his appeal if you think about it. Otherwise, the joint will rile you up! Go rent it now. Or come over to my place for a beer and watch it.


Too lazy to think for yourself?
Let Henrik Hertzberg do it for you. Seriously, he's been on fire recently in the New Yorker, even setting me straight on the whole Newsweek scandal. Newsweek, it turns out, was merely reporting what a reliable source told them. The error was his and eventually it may come out that the practices at Guantanamo are as bad or as worse as reported. Anyway, read the Talk of the Town, as I'm completely exhausted and unable to explain the finer points of the piece. Um, one month til move means more getting rid of stuff. CD sell-off imminent. God, I'm exhausted but I must say this. DJing is supposed to be hard work, but honestly I'm only good at it when I'm improvising the whole time. No, I don't match beats and really I don't want to learn. Hurrah for those that can, you are part of a tradition going all the way to the early '70s. Anyway, the point is, Thursday was so much fun and I barely even talked to anyone. I also made no plans before I started spinning. People actually came up and gave me money in the DJ booth for playing songs they liked. We call them happy drunks.


I was lucky enough to see them in Chicago and the gig was fantastic. I read that one person saw them from a mile away in Cali and didn't like it. Tough luck sucker! They're godhead, as we would say back in '90, (actually the last time I saw them and no, it wasn't the original line-up). I love all these music critics saying "oh, they're my favorite band" all of a sudden, just in time to get on the guest list, eh? They've made a few of my favorite albums ever and I've been saying so since '89.
Divide and conquer
I've been tied up with a lot going on in the evenings and nights lately, some of optional and fun, some of it required and almost fun, and the result is that I look like someone who doesn't eat or sleep or exercise properly, but really I do. I don't look tired, I look cashed. Tonight the plan is to read deep into two books that I am reviewing for the mag and drift off to a healing deep sleep with lots of REM time and wake up renewed. In the meantime, here are some miniature reviews of what's been grabbing me or bumming me out as the case may be.

MOOG the documentary, has potential, I learned a little bit, but not enough to justify buying it. Sheffield music documentary was worse actually, though I probably learned more overall it suffers from bad organization and lack of focus. Full reviews coming in print.

Dungen's album Ta Det Lugnt is getting released on Kemado records domestically after a healthy bidding war. Does Kemado have major label backing? I'm guessing so. Anyway, Dungen's album is an utter masterpiece. I don't talk the Swedish talk but I really didn't care when this thing kicked in on my headphones at work. I was softly air drumming at my desk.

Superpitcher's new album sounds great. The Sexual Lives of the Savages compilation on Soul Jazz is also great. The new Oasis is very, very good but not as good as Morning Glory.

None of which brings me to existential moment of the week. I sometimes find myself in a mode, but lately my life requires switching between modes at a moments notice... shopper for mortgages, cultural dissector, snappy dresser, public transport rider, former member of, current member of, ex-friend of, new acquaintance of, wise man, susser of youth culture signifiers, lover of dance beats, lover of psychedelic guitars. Often the changes are so quick that the modes overlap and I start to realize that the modes are a lot like scenes. I'm not really into drama, but I'm doing a lot of acting these days. But what's crazy is that I'm good. I'm very good.

And this just in for those still curious about the new Pope. The New Yorker ran a more extensive piece on him last week and he still sounds like bad news but consider his age.

Change of topic...
"We were supposed to be a Republic and not in the Empire business."–Gore Vidal, five minutes ago.


Best weekend in sometime involved...
yes drinking too much, but only one night, and that day of recovery was actually very nice. I don't take enough naps I realized. And I don't make my own pizza enough, and I don't wash homemade pizza down with San Pelligrino and chianti and watch biopics in their entirity nearly enough. Sunday morning swims seem to set the world straight. Swimming is the new yoga, just not trendy or fashionable at all, but I guarantee you that 15 minutes into your laps you're much closer to a meditative state than you are in a room with a bunch of people listening to tantric electronica trying to look funky and natural.

I'm moving soon, but not very far. What's great is the idea of having a dishwasher, a washer and dryer and higher ceilings. What's going to be hard to leave is the neglible heating bill that comes with numerous radiators and the incredible view from the balcony at the current digs. I can't think of anything else I will miss here particulary. The excess of natural light I guess.

Just for the record, the Kaiser Chiefs album is not good, the Dead '60s album fairly listenable and the Maximo Park record absolutely phantastik. Buy the later when it comes out. The new New Order is a snoozer. It actually makes their last album, which was rockin' a bit too forcefully, sound inspired, or at least catchy. The Beat Bespoke is a nutty good compilation. I've recently nabbed rocksteady comps, a massive library of early Traxx records house compilations and some other really nice goodies that I've barely had time for. I'm also very lucky to be getting a secondhand Mojo subscription, a relative is passing on his copies (and hopefully CDs) when he's done with 'em. Hurray for re-use.

Plans for this week include moving rehearsal/recording space, getting the production on that DVD/CD compilation underway, rehearsing, cleaning out closet, eating some of that mountain of pizza.

Also on the reading tip.. the first item in the most recent New Yorker is about the new Pope. If you want to too much about how reactionary the new Pope is, definitely read it. If you don't need to know, still read it. Be afraid, be very afraid... this guy was the Richileu of the JPII years, or so it seems.