Wait up dude and check this out if you think Nickelback totally suck.


Updated my audio driver for my USB Duo thingy. Thanks M-Audio. My Word program has been crashing a lot lately, making the project of writing a silly fantasy novel harder than it really should be. I wanted to do it in a week and still plan to. For some reason, I though the audio drivers might be crashing the computer. Anyway, I'm somewhat underwhelmed by Panther so far. Thrilled to hear about a new OS X update coming soon.

Listening Station
10cc Deceptive Bends and more...
David Bowie Diamond Dogs 2xCD
Jackie Mittoo & the Soul Vendors
Comets on Fire Blue Cathedral

This week was mainly about swimming, grilling, bugging editors about jobs and assignments and jamming on guitar. I did go out and drink outside at least once. Altogether an unproductive week except for delving into the fiction thing. I plan to finally write lyrics to one of the demos I unearthed from my Butcher Shop days. I interviewed Martina Topley-Bird last week and it was really cool, that should be running on Playboy.com at some point.

I'm part of the conceptual team doing the Modernist Society at the Darkroom. Our next theme night is going to be... St. Tropez Vice! Don't ask me what it means, the Riviera meets Miami in Chicago, right? Hopefully we can convince some people to wear their swimsuits.


thanks to chris for this article from Harper's which tracks the emails between to Hollywood TV writers.

not so tempting to write a script of any kind after reading this. I also love how the Seattle rock band Monkees show was such an "original" idea as if parody is SO hard to pull off.

I swam 1000 meters last night and played tennis for an hour this morning. I guess that explains my just got off a desert island hunger right now.


last weekend was spent in Soma Studios, banging out a new Perfect Panther demo, 2 songs tracked, one needs vocals and none of it has been properly mixed but all in all, it's a (if I may try to be objective for a moment) major leap forward from our first batch of recordings which were pieced together rather than tracked live. I think "capital letters" is cool but really think "the night" is more of a single.

also, finally getting ready to "release" the recordings that david wehr, eric davis and I have done over the last year or two. culling the best of the sessions into about a 40 minute CD and doing silkscreen cardboard CD sleeves. I'm going to see if I can secure some kind of distribution once we get it all set.

the garfield generating website has been frozen due to a cease and desist order. bummer. I hope you had a chance to experience it.

my family is in england and ireland right now and I'm jealous as hell.

god, wouldn't it refreshing to have a President with a vocabulary?


ha, this is pretty cool, whether you worship "the great magnet" or Thor. It's a brilliant way to take back the spiritual ground from the right-wing kooks.
argh, I have some weird pain in my shoulder which swimming laps doesn't seem to have made worse or better. About five minutes ago, I finally got a personal website rollin. There's nothing really there at this point, and I'll probably just create links to my portfolio, writing samples, the same old junk that's here, at least at first. I'm supposedly going to see the White Sox Phillies game tonight, if the weather holds or improves. It's been drizzling all day pathetically which didn't create the incentive to get organized at home that I thought it might. I did call and get my long distance service working again. Applause.