Waiting on thee snuff project, completely MIA the last couple days as my brother has left his cell phone somewhere on tour. Please call Snuff, please. Come in Snuff, come in.


taking it light, mon.

just back from a caribbean getaway that really did the trick. stress gone, inspiration and new ideas re-energized. relaxing, romantic, kind of sporty too. I'm so relaxed and positive that I'm just starting to realize I should be looking for a new job, my current gig expires on May 28. Antigua was a great time. I did far less exploring the island than I had planned but could have cared less. the resort was really non-commerical, full of British folks that thought my girlfriend and I were really fascinating. we like the attention after a couple days of just looking at the Europeans and thinking what a deep salmon color they were going to turn when the sun came out. 1.5 days of rain got things off to a slow start. but unlimited pina coladas, Wadadli's (local lager) and some good cook-outs kept me very relaxed and well-fed. breakfast and lunch were reliable sometimes amazing, dinner hit or miss. when it was sunny, it was intense as we were closer to the eqautor than I have ever been. my zinc-oxid sunblock was no match for mr. sun and besides with snorkelling you basically turn your body into a big sun-absorber just as the protection is washing off. this might have been the most touristy but also the most authentic vacation I've taken. the highlight was probably seeing this insane steel band called Halcyon up on Shirley Heights, which is a former British colonial fort. The band was amazing and they were followed by a standard reggae outfit that got rained on just as the locals were flooding the joint for a mega jam. Unfortunately most of the reggae (okay, ALL of the reggae) we saw was sort of soft cover band with lots of synths and no sincerity or originality. people aren't so discerning of good reggae as you would hope down there. Anyway, i heard a lot of Legend done 20 ways but also some Mighty Sparrow and real classic stuff played in the resort. Rastas were plentiful in the towns and even worked the sports stand on the resort beach so it was a bit of a Jamaican feel that I wasn't expecting. Visually the coolest thing was watching the roving goats walk along the volcanic cliff rock walls right up at the water. I'm developing some photos soon and wishing I had taken many more.